Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program

Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program

The Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program is a one, three or five-day program depending on research needs or areas of interest. 

The three or five-day Program prepares researchers and clinicians to develop, conduct and report robust, high quality systematic reviews of different evidence types in order to provide the strongest possible evidence to inform decision making or clinical guideline development in healthcare.

Module 1: Introduction to Evidence-based Healthcare and the Systematic Review of Evidence (day 1) 

Learn about evidence-based healthcare, creating systematic review protocols, and key material regarding searching the literature. This is a prerequisite for Modules 2 & 3. 

Module 2: The Systematic Review of Quantitative Evidence (days 2 and 3) 

Learn about common research designs such as randomised controlled trials, how to critically appraise research, identify important sources of bias in research, introduction to statistics in evidence-based healthcare, when and how to conduct meta-analysis. Module 1 attendance is a prerequisite for Module 2. 

Module 3: The Systematic Review of Evidence Generated by Qualitative Research, Narrative and Text (days 4 and 5) 

Learn about the importance of qualitative research in healthcare, common qualitative research designs such as phenomenology and ethnography, how to critically appraise qualitative research, identify different methods for synthesising qualitative research and learn when and how to perform a meta-synthesis of qualitative research. Module 1 attendance is a prerequisite for Module 3.

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