JBI Low and Lower-Middle Income Country (LMIC) Clinical Fellowships 2017

Call for Applications Now Open

The Joanna Briggs Institute collaborates with groups where language, technology, geography and finance  present significant challenges to the provision of healthcare. We are working with these groups to create  an appropriate knowledge base to support health decisions and to make this knowledge readily available in LMIC  settings. The Joanna Briggs Foundation (http://joannabriggsfoundation.org/) has been established to raise funds  that enable health professionals from developing countries to undertake the JBI Clinical Fellowship program. The  JBI Evidence-Based Clinical Fellowship Program is a six-month work place, evidence-based, implementation program  involving 2 x ten-day intensive training workshops in the Joanna Briggs Institute in Adelaide, and conducting a  work place evidence implementation project in the intervening months.

It is hoped that by undertaking this course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to improve health  outcomes in their regions and to lead others in this important area of health improvement. For videos of past  fellows, visit the following links:

 Watch Video: Working to Improve Global Health Outcomes

 Watch Video: Knowledge Transforms

For more information, please download the documents below:

 Download Call for Applicants Information Sheet

 Download Project Example

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