JBC 2017 Handbook
Why use this? To inform you about processes and expectations of operating within the Collaboration. Many decisions made by the Committee of Directors are reflected in this handbook.
Joanna Briggs Collaboration Handbook 2017
JBC List of Entities
Why use this? If you would like a list of all the names of the current Centres and Groups.
JBC List of Entities
JBI COnNECT+ Overview (NOTE: 15.5MB)
Why use this? If you want to present JBI COnNECT+ to others this detailed presentation goes through all the features of the system.
Wolters Kluwer Health Publishing Partnership Update
Wolters Kluwer Health Marketing Update
Why use these? If you want an update on our commercial partnership with Wolters Kluwer Health.
Why use this? As part of the JBC you should be using these templates for all promotion and communication of your Centre.
- Updated September 2014
JBC Branding - Please read me
JBC Letterhead
JBC Powerpoint
JBC 200cm banner
JBC Logos
Promotional Materials
Why use this? To promote JBI Resources
JBI EBP Resources on Ovid


JBI Committee of Directors Meeting Documents
Why use this? To reference current and previous meetings of the CoD
57th Meeting of the Committee of Directors 2017
 57th CoD Meeting - Agenda/Minutes


Why use this? To reference previous meetings of the Committee of Directors
56th Meeting of the Committee of Directors 2016
 56th CoD Meeting - Agenda/Minutes
 56th CoD Meeting - Report
 55th CoD Meeting - Agenda
 54th CoD Meeting - Minutes

Scientific Committee
Why use this? To reference current and previous meetings of the Scientific Committee
Scientific Committee minutes & attachments
Timetable of Meetings 2017
Minutes 11th May 2017


Why use this? To reference previous meetings of the Scientific Committee
Minutes 15th February 2017
Minutes 7th November 2016


JBC Policy
Why use this?These are the policies and procedures that guide the operation of the Joanna Briggs Collaboration as a whole and its individual Collaborating Entities.
Collaborating Entity Directorship Policy
Collaborating Entity Staff Administration Policy
Regional Chairs Policy
Special User Access Request Form
Why use this? If you need to set up access to JBI COnNECT+ for your Core Staff.
Special User Access Form
Annual Review Form
Why use this? Each Centre undergoes annual review after June each year. Annual review is undertaken to measure Centre performance and is linked to Centre funding.
JBC Collaborating Entity Annual Report Template
Appendix One Mentorship Report Template 2016
Invoice Template
Why use this? If your Centre/Group is invoicing the Institute you will need to fill in this form.
Invoice Template

JBI Evidence Review

CAN-SYNTHESISE Quick Reference Guide
Why use this? CAN-SYNTHESISE is a quick reference resource to guide the use of the Joanna Briggs Institute methodology of synthesis.
CAN-SYNTHESISE Resource (v4)
CAN-SYNTHESISE Appendices (v4)
JBI Reviewers Handbook
Why use this? This handbook provides details on the JBI approach to conducting systematic reviews of effectiveness, feasibility, appropriateness and meaningfulness.
JBI Reviewers Handbook (2014)
SUMARI User Guide
Why use this? This user guide provides step-by-step information on how to user JBI SUMARI and its associated modules.
SUMARI User Guide
Systematic Review Title Registration Form
Why use this? To register Systematic Review titles with JBI
Systematic Review Title Registration Form (updated Dec 2013)
Data Extraction Forms
Why use this? Information from research papers need to undergo data extraction as part of the systematic review process.
Experimental/Observation Studies
Interpretive & Critical Research
Narrative/Expert Opinion/Text
Systematic Reviews of Experimental/Observational Studies
Economic Evaluations
Prevalence/Incidence Studies
Diagnostic Test Accuracy
JBISRIR Peer Review forms
Why use this? To help improve the quality of your JBI applications
Protocol, SR Report, Templates
Systematic Review Protocol Template
Why use this? For each systematic review produced for the JBI Library a detailed protocol is required to be submitted to JBI outlining the proposed process and methodology.
Please note: JBI SUMARI does not submit the protocol for the author, the author is required to download the protocol and submit to JBI.
Systematic Review Template
Why use this? Each systematic review produced for the JBI Library follows a standardised format. Please note: All Reviews are required to be submitted online, this is merely a guide for your convenience.

JBI Nodes

JBI COnNECT Node Handbook
Why use this? If you are involved in developing a specialty node this handbook details all the processes you need to follow.
JBI COnNECT Node Handbook

JBI Train the Trainer Programs

A schedule of JBI Train the Trainer Programs in 2017 is available.
The schedule also contains weblinks to register for Programs.
See schedule

JBI Trainer Website

The JBI Trainer website acts both as a repository for all course and training related materials as well as an online forum for trainers.

Log in to trainer website
Account creation and login instructions
Clinical Fellows Train the Trainer login instructions


JBI Colloquium Bid Proposal
Why use this?If your Centre is interested in hosting a Joanna Briggs Colloquium they will need to fill in this application.
Bid Proposal