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This program is offered as a joint initiative of the School of Public Health and the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), making it an internationally unique, contemporary and intellectually rewarding experience.

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious universities. As a Group of Eight University, Adelaide takes great pride in providing exciting, innovative opportunities for future students to tailor their learning for maximum career benefit. The JBI is an internationally renowned organisation with a mission to facilitate the synthesis, transfer and implementation of the best available evidence to ensure the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of health policy and practice. The world-class reputations of both the School and Institute make this degree a highly sought after program of study, marrying excellence in public health teaching and research with the internationally recognised expertise of JBI in evidence synthesis, knowledge translation and getting research into practice.

Knowledge translation and evidence-based healthcare have been identified as a critical area for global health. This unique program provides healthcare professionals with a firm grounding in both public health and the opportunity to understand evidence-based healthcare methods and develop strategies to assist in closing research to practice gaps to improve healthcare outcomes.

Why study the Master of Public Health (Evidence-based Healthcare)?

The evidence-based healthcare specialisation aims to stimulate students to think critically about the social, cultural, economic and environmental determinants of health and illness in populations. Students are encouraged to critically think about the organisation and delivery of public and clinical health services, including policies and practices, and are provided with the skills and knowledge to support and improve the health of people. Upon completion students are well positioned to search, critique, synthesise and integrate the best available evidence, taking into consideration clinical expertise and patients values, to make informed decisions for practice. Students are equipped with skills to contribute professionally to evidence-based healthcare in public health and clinical settings.

Core courses include:

The program provides the opportunity to create life-long networks, to share, engage, learn and inform in a friendly and professional environment and to empower health professionals and researchers to work together to make informed decisions.

Who is this program for?

The Master of Public Health (Evidence-based Healthcare) degree is open to persons who are graduates of health-related disciplines or who have relevant experience. Contact us to determine your eligibility.

Take your career to the next level!

a field that has been identified as critical for global health, careers requiring the skills and knowledge of evidence-based health methods are of growing importance. Career opportunities exist both locally and internationally and include:

The opportunities are endless!

Flexibility and Support

This specialisation is designed to meet the needs of a diverse and international student body from a wide range of disciplines and at all stages of career. Students may build on a certificate to achieve a graduate diploma, and on a graduate diploma to achieve a master’s degree. Please contact us for more information. The program is available to be undertaken entirely online delivering complete flexibility in learning. You can study when and where you choose. As a student you will be supported throughout the entire program (from admission to graduation). Students will also be supported throughout the program with access to instructors and fellow students through live chat, video and discussion forums.

Program Structure

Master of Public Health (Evidence-based Healthcare) is 2 years full time or part time equivalent Academic credit may be granted on a case by case basis
Delivery Mode
Our flexible degree offers full and part time options for study, as well as online, blended and intensive study modes to allow you to balance your studies with work and other commitments.


The Master of Public Health (Evidence-based Healthcare) offered a great program which helped develop my understanding of evidence based practice. It is now standard that practice needs to be based on the best available evidence and it was great to undertake courses which enhanced my ability to seek out and interpret the research. The course allowed for a range of electives which broadened my understanding of health from varying perspectives. The mix of contact hours and online was easy to fit around my schedule. I feel confident that this program has provided me with the skills needed to make a valuable contribution to the health of various populations. I would highly recommend this program to those interested in increasing the standard of practice and improving health in the population.  - Eliza Simms past graduate

This was a very eye-opening program. It helped me to better understand translational health and evidence-based healthcare. All courses were very informative on how I implement evidence-based practices in a clinical setting. It gave me a unique insight into how important are evidence-based healthcare. The program gave me the tools to succeed as evidence-based policy maker, it is something I am truly grateful for.  - Yiemi Li past graduate

Eliza SimmsYiemi Li