It is well established that leadership is demanding and, sometimes, isolating. The JBI Alumni is made up of Fellows and Clinical Fellows of JBI and seeks to establish a strong cadre of evidence based policy and clinical leaders across the world and to provide ongoing support, motivation and development to this important group.

The JBI Fellows Alumni provides ongoing contact and support between Fellows, Clinical Fellows and Institute staff; organises annual symposia, Fellows Dinners and a Fellows Assembly where almost all Fellows meet; and ongoing contact and networking between Fellows.

The JBI Alumni Association

The JBI Alumni Association is run by members of the Alumni and aims to foster the development of evidence based healthcare through sustaining a connected community of clinical leaders devoted to creating collaboration and support for Alumni members to enable them to contribute to good leadership in translating evidence into action in health and social care.


The JBI Alumni is recognized for creating and supporting successful and effective evidence-based leaders in health and social care.

The Mission

To establish a strong, supportive network of Fellows and Clinical Fellows who share mutual experiences, expertise and knowledge and act to promote evidence-based health


  • To advance the use of evidence in health and social care;
  • To enable Fellows and Clinical Fellows of the Joanna Briggs Institute to maintain their links with the Institute and to promote professional and social contact amongst its Members through exchange of ideas;
  • To maintain ongoing communication through an Alumni Website, electronic discussion groups and an annual dinner and symposium in Adelaide;
  • To project and protect the image of the Institute; and
  • To contribute to the development of the Institute.


All Fellows and Clinical Fellows are eligible to be members of the Alumni.

Fellows of the Joanna Briggs Institute

The title of Fellow is conferred on those who participate in Institute teaching or research activities who have also achieved international distinction for their scholarly or clinical work, or who hold a senior leadership role in their profession, their health service or who hold a full chair in a university of good standing.

Clinical Fellows of the Joanna Briggs Institute

The title of Clinical Fellow is conferred on those who successfully complete the JBI Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program.

JBI Fellows and Clinical Fellows are admitted according to the rules for the admission and are able to use the post-nominal’s “FJBI” (Fellow, JBI) and “CFJBI” (Clinical Fellows, JBI).

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2011-2012 Fellows Monographs

The following are monographs of implementation reports produced by clinical fellows who have participated in the Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program.