The Joanna Briggs Institute offers a wide range of research and education services for health and educational organisations and for clinicians, managers, educators, academics and students from the fields of nursing, allied health, medicine, information science and the health sciences.

We invite you to join us, either on-line, or at the Institute in Adelaide - or for members of our team to provide education, facilitation and support on-site in your health service or educational facility. Our programs are practical; international in scope; and reflect our expertise as a leading international research and development institute in the fields of evidence synthesis, transfer and utilisation.

The intellectual capital of our well qualified, multidisciplinary, enthusiastic and motivated staff is a key distinguishing feature of all of our programs, and is essential to who we are as a leading evidence-based health care organisation. We are proud that we have created a culture built on integrity, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit, and are well versed in adapting to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Using our extensive network of staff, alumni, leading international experts on our Advisory Board of Studies, and members throughout the world - we constantly create new forums and learning programs that challenge conventional thinking about evidence-based health care.

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